One Of The Good Guys

So, last night Carolina had some vicious weather pass through.  We’re okay, but MAN! did we get some rain and wind.

After the storm passed I went out to catch “Atlas Shrugged”.  But before I left, I changed shirts and walked into my bedroom.  I heard the distinctive drip-drip-drip of water moving.  BUT—the storm had passed hours earlier and rain water shouldn’t be dripping where I heard it.

Up into the attack I went and sure enough, my polybutylene pipe had sprung a leak; water everywhere.

I turned the water off, went to the theater, watched my movie while drinking a beer an came home.  Today I tried to fix said leak and gave up.

I called the plumber and within 4 hours on a Sunday drove up Triangle Plumbing.  Complete with pure awesomeness ad everything on his back bumper:

It took him more time to climb up the ladder and get his tools than it did for him to fix it.  PLUS he offered poly fixing service AND referred me to a restoration service.

Whadda country!

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