Conservatives Are Controlling The Message

For a long LONG time, the message has been dominated by the Left.  They have all the coolest rock stars and movie stars and funny people.

They play on populist messages like “Power to the people” and “Make love not war”.

The message, since the dawn of time, has been their strength.

But that’s changing.

I’m not sure I like James O’Keefe, but hes killin’ the Liberal Left.  Virtually by. him. self. he’s taken down ACORN and the top execs at NPR.

More and more, funny people are coming out supporting conservative fiscally responsible ideals.  I don’t know if its a sign of the times or if it’s a changing media dynamic, but the hits just keep on coming:


The tide is turning, finally.  We have taken a stroll on the left side of the street.  And the folks are gonna wanna come on home, down the right hand side.

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  1. Ah, this made for good reading. Word has it you’re coming to Con Club. Let me be among the first to welcome you aboard.

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