Unions: The Other Side of the Story

Some time ago, a ruling allowed corporations to contribute to political campaigns as individuals do.  That is, they can.

In fact, not only can they contribute, but they can actually take out advertising for these political campaigns.  Just like individuals.

And the Left went nuts.

But check this out:

Even more important than the money unions give directly to candidates, the Senate leader said, is the cash the unions spend on their own buying TV and radio ads in support of Democrats. By his count, Fitzgerald said the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state teachers union, dropped nearly $1.6 million in independent spending in four Senate races last fall.

In addition, two national unions – AFSCME and the Service Employees International Union – gave more than $1.3 million since 2008 to the Greater Wisconsin Committee, a liberal group that advocates on behalf of Democratic candidates.

Nice, huh?

And while corporations tend to give in rather equal amounts, Unions give upwards of 94-100% to Democrats.

Just sayin’.

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