North Carolina Charter Schools

There are a couple of topics that keep me in conflict; I admit it.  I have tried over the last few years to resolve the issue but can’t really seem to come to a good conclusion.

Lemme explain.

I am a massive market guy.  I like the idea of providing proper incentives to folks in order to obtain the best outcome.

I don’t like entitlements, I don’t like paying people not to work, I don’t like incentives that don’t drive proper behavior. I don’t approve of government provided health care and I don’t like government provided retirement accounts.

But there are two, maybe one if you count them as the same, areas in which I feel the State is obligated to carry out service to individuals.

  1. Public Education
  2. Children’s Health

I know that I stand nearly along in defending these two institutions among my conservative friends.  I know that I am asking that we tax society in order to provide a service that should be voluntary.  However, children are not free market actors and are unable to participate in such activities they otherwise would.

And so it is, that while I am convinced, absolutely CONVINCED, that Charter Schools will improve education fro more children more economically, I can not support the concept that they are an “Opt In” institution.  The parents of children who apply for Charter Schools are the parents of the children we don’t need to help.  It’s the kids who have lazzy assed parents that we need to reach.  And given  Charter School across the street, those parents won’t take the time to attend an open house and submit the paperwork for the lottery.

In short, I agree with the North Carolina Democrat, Senator Gladys Robinson (D-Guilford):

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