We Did NOT Elect Republicans to Act Like Democrats!

Yo!  North Carolina Republicans [and, frankly, Republicans everywhere] we did NOT elect you to run around thinking that you can just treat people any ol’ way ya want.

Be consistent with the concepts of Liberty.

The best way to do that is to stop passing, or proposing, bills that are inconsistent with that concept.

The major purpose of each and every institution operating under the provisions of this Chapter 12 shall be and shall continue to be the offering of vocational and technical education and training, 13 and of basic, high school level, academic education needed in order to profit from vocational 14 and technical education, for students who are lawfully present in the United States…

What in THE Sam Hell are you doing?

I implore you, BEG you, stop this madness and just do what we voted you in to do and quit trying to instill your version of Democrat tactics.


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