Well Done Boss

I didn’t listen to Obama live the other night as he delivered his speech in Tucson.  Partly ’cause I was busy but mostly because I didn’t wanna listen to him talk on about the events.

I’m jaded.  I’m bias.

My die is cast.

He has a long LONG way to go to create an environment in which I see him in a different light than I did, say, yesterday morning.

But I watched this speech just now.

If you would have asked me to list the things that he needed to do and say, there wouldn’t be a single item on that list he didn’t cover.  And cover well.

Go.  Watch.  And listen to a man embrace being a nation’s President.

7 responses to “Well Done Boss

  1. I listened to part of his speech on the radio as I don’t watch television. I swear to gawd, and this is right when he was speaking, it sounded like he really got “jazzed” when folks started applauding (he loves that!) … at the time I didn’t know about the T-shirt thing and the fact that he waited until the polling data was complete (regarding who was/wasn’t responsible) until he made it.

  2. I don’t buy that bit about polling data — that sounds like one of the stories Rush Limbaugh would make up. I think that just as many Democrats would not cut President Bush a break when he did things right, many Republicans will always find an excuse to criticize whatever President Obama did. But by and large conservatives have been very positive in responding to his speech, and liberals have greatly toned down the “this is the fault of the right wing.” I think perhaps cooler heads are starting to prevail on each side.

  3. I don’t know about Rush Limbaugh, but the timing was the way it was. Obama should be criticized for his policies. As I said, I simply listened to a part of his speech and that was my take on it. Eloquent speeches doesn’t make Mr. Obama any more honest, and the quoting of scripture by a couple of them was the epitome of hyprocrisy; using God whenever it’s convenient.

  4. I have no reason to consider Obama dishonest, though politicians on both sides of the aisle continually use God whenever it’s convenient.

    • You ‘have no reason to consider Obama dishonest’?? Surely you’re joking. I don’t mean to be rude; I visited your site and really thought you’re smarter than to make a statement like that.
      I agree ‘both sides of the aisle’ use anything they want when it’s convenient. The Repbublican Party has nearly as many unsavory characters as the Democratic Party. I get completely … well … vexed, if you will, at anyone that is ignorant enough to believe there’s much of a difference in either party.

  5. I got the feeling that Obama was annoyed with the crowd. I really think he felt he was going to a memorial not a political rally. However, I did get the feeling that he pushed the envelop by quoting scripture; a distinct feeling of pressing was present.

    • I think perhaps you’re right. But I gotta say, I think I’m correct in my first comment. These guys don’t do anything, especially something like attending a memorial service without polling; to see which way the “wind is blowing”.

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