It Depends On Your Definition Of Most

You call 911.  The voice on the other end is polite, urgent and confident.  “A fire?” she says “We’ll have the fire department right there!  Hold on!”

And sure enough, within 7 minutes you here the sirens and the trucks roar into the yard in less than 10.

Now.  You only have an 80% chance that it even matters!

To be clear, when I rant and rail against governments, liberals, agencies and other “groups” of people, I am mocking the “group think”, not the person or people that make up that group.

–Umm, okay okay, I AM mocking liberals, but I digress. —

So, keep in mind that as a write about the next example of government fail, I am talking about the administration, the bureaucracy the herd mentality; not the brave men and women who run into burning buildings just as I run out of ’em.

So, now that the fire department has arrived and the hose has been attached to the hydrant, the water flows and the fire is out.  Right?


DULUTH, Minn. – When firefighters responded to a blaze at a Duluth business last week, they found two of the seven hydrants nearby didn’t work.

Huh?  2 of 7.  Don’t.  Work?

Some crazy reason that no one could forsee; right?  RIGHT?

…sometimes water gets into them and freezes them up…

So, Duluth has a fire department that utilizes a technology that is susceptible to the cold?  Serious?  Duluth.  Minnesota!

But certainly this must be the result of some fluky Global Warming trend that the department couldn’t have foreseen?

One assistant fire chief reports that up to a fifth of the city’s hydrants don’t work..

Jeez, they DO know, and yet nothing is being done to fix or rectify the problem.

THAT is the problem.




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