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Lest We Become They

As the world watches what’s going on in Egypt, we need to keep this in mind.

That we believe all men are free and are governed at their will.  A government that restricts that Liberty must be checked, and if not, removed.

If we allow the Liberty of those people living in Egypt too be taken from them because we fear the alternative we will have become Democrats!

Liberty.  by law!


It would seem that there IS a limit to what the Federal Government can mandate.  There does exist a line that they may not cross.  There does come a time, when the Rights and the Liberty of man is A-priori to the State.

Obamacare has been ruled Unconstitutional in Florida.

Long live the Republic!

How To Build a Good Baseball Team? Fire Bad Baseball Players

Wanna know how to build a good school?

Fire bad teachers.

And this is fitting as WCPSS’ new superintendent takes the reins today.   And as crazy as this sounds, I’m going to offer up as an example of how to do that none other than our fine President, Barack Obama.

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WCPSS: New Boss

Mr. Tata starts his new job today as Superintendent of Wake County Public Schools.

Many folks have criticized the hiring of Tata, saying there:

…are concerns from the public, educators and some school board members that Tata might not be the right person to lead the school system because of his lack of experience in the education sector.

I, for one, find that lack of experience in the Education sector critical to his success.  He’ll be able to come into his role clear of the bias of the industry.  He won’t have preconceived buy in’s to institutional methods and means.  He’ll be fresh and he’ll be excited.

Here are the things I would like Tata to work on:

  1. Eliminate the bottom 10% lowest performing teachers.
  2. Merit based pay.
  3. Create mentor teachers.  Promote them and pay them more, lots more.  This role should span multiple schools.
  4. Settle the assignment process.
  5. Graduate more kids.

Good luck Mr. Tata, you have a tough road ahead of you.

Presidential Election: 2012

Intrade odds that a Democrat [Obama] wins the election in 2012:

Men Are Better Than Women At Everything Except —

Well, virtually everything.  This includes making money.

And now for the latest in 21st century news, women are even better at getting elected than men:

AMERICAN politics has a glass ceiling that keeps women down. This is a wisdom so conventional that Hillary Clinton, in conceding to Barack Obama in 2008, could safely earn cheers and tears by thanking her supporters for those “18m cracks in it.”

The only trouble is that empirical analysis has not found a bias against female candidates. In fact, a new study in California suggests that voters are, if anything, biased in favour of women. That glass thing in American politics, in other words, might be an elevator, not a ceiling.

In the Democratic races, women fared much better than men. This might be expected, because voters seem to associate women with more “liberal” issues (starting with, well, women’s issues), and Democratic primary voters tend to be liberal. More surprising, perhaps, were the results of the Republican primaries. Conservative voters tend to be more concerned with allegedly manly issues such as law and order and defence. This should put female candidates at a disadvantage. But it didn’t. Even among Republicans, a male name carried no advantage.

In half of the political races, women had an advantage.  In the other half, there was no advantage to be had; for men OR for women.

It might be time to put the bras back on ladies.

Well At Least There’s That

Egypt’s on fire.  Been that way for some time now:

The 2011 Egyptian protests are a series of street demonstrations, protests, and acts of civil disobedience that began in Egypt on 25 January 2011.

And, just in time and to make us believe we’re all safe:

Latest News

White House Holds Two Hour Meeting on Egypt Situation

Jan 29, 2011

Hope and Change.

There is Talkin’ The Talk…

I’m new to politics.  I’m a junky, but I’m a new one.

For example, I don’t know that politicians have been forever promising to reduce spending only to increase it.

I don’t know that we’ve been tricked and treated for ever.

But I do now.

Which makes Michelle Bachmann’s proposal pretty unique.

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Egyption Violence

So Egypt.

People protesting their government for perceived Rights violations.

Violence is being used.

When do you suppose the Leftists in America will begin to label the Egyptian protesters “Tea Baggers”?

Obama and Egypt

So, more interesting to me than the events occurring in Egypt will be how President Obama handles it.

On one hand, Egypt is a key ally in the region.  And, like him or not, the current President of Egypt is likely the best option as far as a government is concerned.

However, the community organizer in him must be screaming out in support of these people.  It sounds like they are protesting for their rights, for their jobs and for fairer wages.  ALL things that our current leader embraces to his very core.

Will he support the protesters or the President?

Time will tell.