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Good Work If Ya Can Get It

Wanna know why Unions are dangerous?

Because they are parasites.  They take and they take without providing value.

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Health Care the Right Way

Compensation.  What one offers another in trade for goods or services.  Most often today, it’s money.  That is, I pay the service station money in exchange for gasoline.  Or, I pay the tavern in cash in exchange for beer.

Occasionally, the compensation may be something besides money.  Then it becomes a sort of barter.  One party trades a good or service in exchange for another; wheat for milk.  Dental work for electrical work.  Whatever.

Another example is health care.  Rather than our employer compensating us in cash, they instead compensate us in insurance.*

Imagine, if you will, if our employer compensated us in groceries rather than cash–just like health insurance.  What would our world look like?

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Economics of Romance

It would appear that Economics is not limited to matters of the wallet.

To begin, let’s review the definition of Economics:

The study of the use of scare resources which have alternative uses.

This definition is as true for money as it is for matter of the heart.

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Wanna know the only way to establish a monopoly?

Government regulations.

And I find it funny that the very same people who clamor when companies like Microsoft or Intel have a “strangle hold” on the market are the very same one who demand, DEMAND I tell you, that the government regulate a monopoly for something that they think needs regulating.

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Can You Be More Free By Demanding Less Freedom?

There are some that would have you believe that in order to ensure freedom, we must first restrict that same freedom.

That we must take a system that exists in the exact way and manner we desire, change it, all to make sure that it never changes into that condition it has never demonstrated.

And these are the same people that lobby for ever ore and more government.  All in the noble name of “Freedom” and “Liberty”

My advice to you:

Beware the freedom fighter who approaches you with the chains of bondage.

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All Global Warming and Stuff

Remember when global warming was all the rage?  When people were telling us that based on human activity we were going to experience runaway temperature increases?

Good times.  Damn good times.

But let’s hit the Way Back Machine…..

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Middle Class: I

The Middle Class.  The new [or continued] prize in American politics.

All we hear about these days is that the middle class is getting hammered.  Taken advantage of and squeezed.

Only the rich survive; the rest of us are fodder to the wealthiest Americans.

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Best Headline of the Month

Ex-Detroit Mayor Stays Plugged In From Prison

Found in the Wall Street Journal


How to Regulate the Free Market

Make it free’er.


Too many times we see a “problem” or a wrinkle in how markets work or are working and we think:

This is a problem

And we immediately think that the only solution is to implement process that will “prevent this from ever happening again.

And that’s just wrong thinking.

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Individual Liberty

For too long, the very institution on the spear’s tip of delivering liberty to us all has been suffering from the restriction of that very liberty.

This year, the United States of America righted a wrong and rescinded the prohibition of gays serving openly in the military.

And it’s long passed time.

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