Wanna know the only way to establish a monopoly?

Government regulations.

And I find it funny that the very same people who clamor when companies like Microsoft or Intel have a “strangle hold” on the market are the very same one who demand, DEMAND I tell you, that the government regulate a monopoly for something that they think needs regulating.

North Carolina is considering privatizing their control of alcohol in the state.

The state ABC Commission is supposed to get estimates soon from a consultant about how much money the state could get if retail sales or distribution systems were handed to outsiders. Perdue said last week she wants that information before deciding whether to pursue it.

“I’ve very publicly contemplated the sale of the ABC system,” Perdue said Monday.

Good for her.  It’s about time that the State get out of the liqueur business and into the business of running the state.  We already sell beer and wine in private stores, to think that we can’t also handle selling rum and vodka is simply silly.

But check out the objection by the President of the ABC Board, Walter Harris:

“We think control is a better idea than privatization,” he said. “One hundred percent of the profit currently belongs to the people of North Carolina, and it goes to them. If the system were privatized, whoever that is that’s operation is going to take some of that money.”

The way I see it is that 100% of the profits go to the whims of politicians in Raleigh.  If it were privatized, THEN the profits would go to the people in the State of North Carolina.  In the form of, you know, profits.  Further, prices would go down as stores competed and we would be able to more easily FIND a store, unlike today.

I am left wondering, however, why a Democrat like Perdue would consider selling the outfit?

Going private would give the state only a one-time jolt of revenue,

Aaahh yes, a one time influx of cash.

Money talks.  Even to the point of forcing a Liberal like Perdue to allow State run business to go private.

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