Bed Bugs

My prediction:

Bed Bugs will save between 1 and 3 million people per year.

PER year.

The bed bug.


Because Americans don’t like being inconvenienced.  And I gar-auhn-damn-tea you that bed bugs are a massive inconvenience!  And it won’t be long before we begin to clamor for a cure to the massive bed bug infestation taking place in America:

(CBS) Decades after bedbugs were eradicated they’re making a big comeback. Terminix – a nationwide exterminator – said Wednesday that New York and Philadelphia have the biggest infestations and four cities in Ohio are in the top 15.

We’re struggling right now to battle these little critters.  They’ve developed a resistance to many of the pesticides we have at our disposal to combat them.

So how, you may ask, are these creepy crawlies going to SAVE 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 people a year?

Because the United States will make limited use of DDT legal again.

And when we do THAT, nations across the globe will be able to protect impoverished families from mosquitoes that carry malaria.

All hail the bed bug!  Saver of the world’s poor!

3 responses to “Bed Bugs

  1. If only it were true–a magical solution to both bedbugs and malaria. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. Bedbugs are now resistant to DDT (see for details), so bringing it back isn’t going to solve that problem. And the “limited use of DDT” is already allowed to fight malaria, so even if the US changed its DDT policy it wouldn’t have any effect on other country’s policies.

    • Bedbugs are now resistant to DDT

      Hi Karl,

      I’ll check this out. However, just a quick scan of your source kinda mocks climate skeptics, of which I’m one….so it’ll be tough sleddin; for ya using this source.

  2. paulhibbert123123

    I had to deal with bedbugs recently. I was fortunate to find a non-toxic and safe solution. These guys were very efficient and incredibly professional.

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