One Minus One Does Not Equal Zero

Long long ago mothers used to tell their kids stories that would frighten them into behaving.  Monsters roamed the forests.  Trolls loomed under stone bridges.  Mostly it worked.

Then us kids invented the internet and we googled monsters, trolls and mothers.

Turns out it was all a lie.  A lie invented to trick us into acting a certain way.

Mothers may have learned that we don’t react in the same way.  Liberals haven’t.

Certain myths continue to exist, certain stories remain effective.

One of the best?

Republicans wanna ship jobs overseas because they support corporations over Americans!

The Truth?

…when U.S. firms hired lower-cost labor at foreign subsidiaries overseas, their parent companies hired even more people in the U.S. to support expanded operations.

In much the same way you would expect a lemonade stand to expand when they found a cheap source of lemons, American companies expand when they find a cheap source of labor.

What does that mean to American workers?

For every job “outsourced” to India and other foreign countries, nearly two new jobs were generated here in the U.S.

But wait.  Those are crappy low paying jobs that no one wants!

Those new U.S. jobs were higher-skilled and better-paying—filled by scientists, engineers, marketing professionals and others hired to meet the new demand created by their foreign subsidiaries.


Monsters, trolls and mothers.

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