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When Left Alone

The market.  She’s great.

When left alone, AND when “regulated” to the point that contracts are enforced, private property rights are recognized, will grow.


Never not.

So when folks were looking at the health care system and saw a bloody mess, they should have stepped back and said:

“Let it be”.

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Immigration and the Job Recovery

There is an interesting dynamic occurring as we come out of the recession.

And the lesson should be used to illustrate how we shape our economic policies going forward.

The story is the story of two recoveries:

1.  The recovery for native-born workers.

2.  The recovery for foreign-born workers.

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The Genesis

We’re in the final stretch.  Only 4 more days until we all go back to the polls and vote in the mid-term elections.  Often times the mid-terms are seen as a referendum on the party in power.

And this year, the party that has held ALL the power is the Democrats.

That makes them the target.

This year, the big story is the Tea Party.  The grass roots movement that either has you fired up or running scared.

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Senate Race 2010: XII

Very little has changed:

State Status Democrat Republican Incumbent Front Runner Spread
CT Ret. Dem Blumenthal McMahon Democrat Democrat 12.5
DE Ret. Dem Coons O’Donnell Democrat Democrat 17.2
IL Ret. Dem Giannoulias Kirk Democrat Republican 2.8
IN Ret. Dem Ellsworth Coats Democrat Republican 19.3
ND Ret. Dem Heitkamp Hoeven Democrat Republican 47

As you can see, there are still 3 Republican wins.

And the races with retiring Republicans is the same as well, all Republican wins.

The situation where the Democrat is facing the end of the term is also the same, only with a bit more clarity:

State Status Democrat Republican Incumbent Front Runner Spread
AR Term Dem Lincoln Boozman Democrat Republican 16.7
CA Term Dem Boxer Fiorina Democrat Democrat 6.4
CO Term Dem Bennet Buck Democrat Republican 1.6
HI Term Dem

Democrat Democrat
MD Term Dem

Democrat Democrat
NV Term Dem Reid Angle Democrat Republican 1.8
NY Term Dem Gillibrand Blakeman Democrat Democrat 22.4
NY Term Dem

Democrat Democrat
OR Term Dem Wyden Huffman Democrat Democrat 18
PA Term Dem Sestak Toomey Democrat Republican 3.2
VE Term Dem

Democrat Democrat
WA Term Dem Murray Rossi Democrat Democrat 2.2
WI Term Dem Feingold Johnson Democrat Republican 6

Still, the Republicans walk with 5.

And, where Republicans are facing the end of the term, again, no Democrat wins.

I still see an 8 seat swing for the Republicans.

Dems – 51 Republicans 49.

However, the smart money doesn’t agree with me:

You make the call.  Either way, a good day at the office for the Republicans.

The Best Medical Care Money Can Buy

We’ve heard it all.

The United States has the most expensive health care system in all the world.  It’s true, go look it up.

And, if you were to add up the amount of money that we spend on medical care and compare it to other nations, our total would be higher than others.

In the same way t hat our total spend on fish tanks, running shoes, low brow caps, suit coats and baseball gloves is higher too.

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Innovation Within The Public School System

I know.

I know I know I know…..

I never EVER would have thought those words would come out of my mouth either.

But I was wrong.  I heard a story today that absolutely stunned me.  It’s a story of innovation within the public schools:

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That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Pure awesomeness.

THIS is what I talk about when I call people liars and truth spinners.

Wall Street Reporter:

There IS an attack on the profit motivation.We heard shareholders bad mouthed, bond holders bad mouthed, and now we’re hearing that insurance companies shouldn’t make money.  Listen, insurance companies make a lot less money than software companies.  Oil companies make a lot less money than software companies.  Why are we demonizing parts of capitalism?    That’s what’s hurting us.

Democrat Consultant:

I do NOT demonize business, I’m a strong supporter of business.  But, I DO believe the patients should come before profits at the insurance companies.

I wonder if the Leftists know what she is doing or if it just comes naturally?

Unemployment? Management Positions on the Street

Gallop has unemployment at 10.0% in October.  Further, they have underemployment at 18.4%.

While shopping the other day, I had to push a sandwich board out of my way.

This is what it said:

There are 4 distinct departments hiring for management positions.

If anyone claims that there are no jobs out there, they are ignoring jobs that they don’t want.

Didja’ Know

In a world where the Tea Party is considered racist, Juan Williams in the ONLY black male reporter at NPR?

And they fire HIM!

Are you bullshitting me?

The Leftist’s in this country are clearly, CLEARLY, out of touch.

B.J. Lawson for Congress

We face a critical time as we get closer to the election this November.  We simply can not continue with the same processes and methods of doing business.

For right or for wrong, the decisions we’ve made to get us to this point are not going to bring our problems under control.  It’s clear that that we need a change, and we need it right now.

B.J. Lawson represents that opportunity.  His top 3 priorities are:

  1. Health Care
  2. Taxes
  3. Size of Government


The answer to our health care problems does not come from Washington. It comes from eliminating the middlemen who stand between patients and providers, freeing up the market for catastrophic health care insurance and health care savings accounts, and giving health care freedom back to providers and patients.

Finally, the key to fixing health care is fixing primary care. Our medical “safety net” already spends more than enough money to purchase high quality primary care for every American. We’re just wasting most of that money in unnecessary administrative overhead.


I will stand against bailouts and corporate welfare, and in defense of businesses that succeed by serving their customers instead of paying their lobbyists.

As your Congressman, I will renew the Bush tax cuts, oppose global taxation schemes like Cap and Trade or “carbon taxes”, fight for targeted spending cuts to reduce bloated bureaucracy, and embrace a foreign policy we can afford.


As your Congressman, I will push for solutions to these economic issues that empower local economies, not the federal government. I will pursue solutions that embrace transparency and free markets, while rejecting bailouts that favor the politically connected and too big to fail.

Choice is simple.