Wherever the oil went, the damage done to the area is horrific.

Industries are impacted.

Families are impacted:

LAKESHORE, Miss. – Pete Yarborough, a trucker who hauled seafood until the BP oil spill hit, and about 800 other households are under pressure to buy or get out of the state-owned cottages they’ve been living in…

I can’t imagine.

If I’m in a position where I’m in government housing  the last thing I wanna hear is that my only means of making a living is ending.  AND I’m facing a deadline.

But there’s more than meets the eye.

You see, Pete COULD buy the place if he wanted.  The price?

He can buy the cottage for $351…

Catch?  Sure, maybe:

but it would cost about $23,000 to raise it in the flood-prone area…

Now.  $23,000 is a lot of money, but are there other options?

Yarborough has refused to buy the petite dwellings for as little as $351 and relocate them to “cottage parks,” where residents would lease a piece of land much like a mobile home park.

Hmm, that’s not 23k.

But really, how much can we expect the good Mr. Yarborough to take?  I mean, how long has the government givin’ him to get out from under this burden?

… the state-owned cottages they’ve been living in since Hurricane Katrina left them homeless.


5 full years ago and Mr. Yarborough hasn’t been able to square himself away.  In 5 years, he would have had to come up with a loan for 23 grand to keep his house.

But he hasn’t.

And somehow I need to feel sorry for this guy?

The only “sorry” I have is that I’m not.


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