The Upside to Paying Taxes in California

Serious.  There seems to be an upside.

California is going broke.  And how.

They tax the rich out of their state.  They tax the businesses out of their state.  They’ll tax anything that moves and now, they’ll tax half of that stuff that doesn’t.

It turns out that providing public services isn’t free.  And, when you add up providing a LOT of public services free of charge, you run into MASSIVE financial problems.

So, while I don’t really feel bad for Californian’s who continually vote these people into office, I am glad to see that California has admitted that they have to change how they do business:

Visitors who cause vehicle crashes in Huntington Beach will now be billed up to $3,000 for emergency response.

It will cost nearly $2,000 to pry a trapped person from a wrecked vehicle, $750 for a car fire and $405 an hour for each fire truck that responds to an emergency. Charges will be billed to auto insurance companies or motorists directly if they don’t have insurance.

While I don’t blame California cities and counties for taking steps to close their accounting gaps, I am a little annoyed that they are doing it from the revenue side and not from the cost side.  But hey, what can ya expect from a bunch of Marxist Leftists?

I wonder if an illegal alien is considered a nonresident motorist?

Only nonresident motorists are being charged. Residents are exempt because they pay taxes for emergency services.


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