The Eagle Has Landed

I rediscovered The Sports Economist the other day. And was immediately impressed with their post on Brett Favre.

Basically, the Sports Economist was saying that the Vegas odds changed when Favre “announced” his retirement on August 3rd.

On August 2nd, odds showed the Vikings with a 38% (+130) chance of winning the NFC North, with that number dropping to 32%(+175) by the morning of August 4th.

With those reports being largely ignored, the Favre numbers in Vegas were at:

Vikings at +150 as of August 16th.

Now that reports have Favre coming home, we are at:

Minnesota Not Being Shown

It would appear that Vegas doesn’t wanna show the odds of a Minnesota NFC North Championship or ANY NFC North chance at all until Favre announces Wednesday!

Go #4.

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