A Misguided Solution to Immigration

We all know there is a problem with immigration in America.  Specifically, a problem with folks coming across our Southern border.

Okay, so, got it.  Problem.


Well, that’s the harder part.  Solutions are MUCH harder to identify than the problems they fix.

But I know that THIS one isn’t the way to go:

Mexicans come to the United States for jobs and when they can’t do so legally, they sneak across our borders. All the walls, fences, and patrols aren’t going to stop that. The only way to stop illegal immigration is to eliminate the reason they come here and crack down on the hiring of illegal aliens.

This is wrong for three reasons:

  1. When people wanna work for people who wanna hire ’em, THAT is a good thing.  Regardless of some random line drawn in the sand.
  2. This looks EXACTLY like “The War on Drugs”.  Crack down on the activity, not addressing the problem.
  3. If Ben thinks it’s a good idea, it almost certainly isn’t.

My solution?

Make it easier to gain entry into the country.  As in, VERY much easier.

Then, once that is in place, create legislation that deals with folks who STILL come in illegally.

And finally, acknowledge that we can not go back and deal with 11+ million people.  Let’em be.

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