Republicans Can Be Leftists Too: Part I

I am going to have to start a new category:  Republicans Can Be Leftists Too!

See, it’s not so much the fact that I mind that the “other” team wins, it’s that they win using techniques I object too.  And when the Republicans do it, well, I can’t just let’em off the hook.

So, we have this new forum where I wanna point out Republicans restricting Liberty.  Where we show people in politics will do whatever it takes to remain in power; not govern.  And that the fight we are fighting is not just the Right vs.s the Left, but rather us vs. tactics employed by the Leftists.

So, without further ado, we introduce the first installment of the:

Republicans Can Be Leftists Too!

In Michigan, we have a Republican lawmaker introducing legislation that would require the licensing of journalists.

Introduced by Sen. Bruce Patterson (R) on May 11, 2010, to create a government “Board of Michigan Registered Reporters” to pass on the qualifications under criteria established in the bill for an individual who seeks to use the title “Michigan Registered Reporter.” An individual who writes or creates news stories, commentaries or editorials for a newspaper, online news outlet or radio or TV broadcaster, and who wants to use this title, would have to pay a $10 fee, and have either a journalism degree, at least three years experience as a reporter, submit writing samples, present evidence of awards or recognitions, present a letter of recognition from a reporter who is “registered,” etc.

Now serious.  Why in the world would we need to license a journalist?  What is it that a journalist does that we would need protection from?  Further, once registered, how are we to be sure that a journalist wouldn’t just go back to being the kinda guy or gal that reports the news as he or she sees it?  And just who is going to be the arbiter in cases where journalists are brought up on suspected charges?

Nope.  This is just another case where some lawmaker feels that the public needs protection from someone and government is just the guy to do it.

We see this everywhere.

We see it in florists:

Louisiana is the only state in the union that requires a state license for florists. About half of those who take the test flunk…

We see it in interior design:

The Colorado Architects’ Practice Act recognizes Interior Design as a distinct profession and sets out the requirements necessary to call oneself an Interior Designer. Interior Designers are not licensed but are subject to education and experience requirements under the State Board of Examiners of Architects. (12-4-112(6), C.R.S.)

We see it in auto mechanics:

The Michigan Department of State’s Bureau of Regulatory Services (BRS) licenses and regulates Michigan’s motor vehicle repair facilities and mechanics.

Section 4 of the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act (MCL 257.1304) requires repair facilities to employ persons properly certified for the type of repairs performed by the facility. Holders of valid mechanic trainee permits must work under the supervision of a properly certified mechanic.

Persons who must be certified include:

  • Those who diagnose or repair the operating condition of a motor vehicle;
  • Those who perform bench repairs on motor vehicle component parts within a business required to be registered; or
  • Those who estimate or repair unitized body structural component damage.
  • The market will prevail.

    Do you wanna go see someone who has gone to school to become a doctor?  Fine.  Go see someone who has gone to school to be a doctor.  Same for a florist.  Or an interior decorator.  And if those people lie about their credentials, then we have a case of fraud.  But this nonsense of the government licensing people is nothing more than a hurdle to free enterprise, competition and market freedom.  In fact, some will actually claim that it is incumbents who use this licensing law to keep OUT new entrants into the market.

    So stop.  For once.  Just stop.

    Let me decide who to read.  And who not to.

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