This is Why I Got Out of Teaching

Look.  It’s hard out there right now.  Lot’s of people are struggling, concerned and sacrificing.  Many people are losing or have lost their job.  And I feel for all of ’em.

But when I hear crap like this it just chaps me.

Raleigh, N.C. — Hundreds of people rallied in downtown Raleigh Saturday against more budget cuts to North Carolina public schools.

Nilles said the looming budget cuts have also had a psychological impact on his sense of job security.

“My dad would always say, ‘I didn’t want you to be a teacher at first, I wanted you to be a doctor or lawyer, but you never have to be worried about being laid off.’ Now we do,” Nilles said.

Great.  Somehow this milksop’s fragile psyche has become my concern.

Further, I have worked hard to make sure that the fruit of my loins are fully aware that life is a contact sport.  That being knocked down by life is a gentle lesson in the tender mercies of getting back up.  In fact, I would consider it horrible if my children grew into adults [remember, MY version, not Obama’s version of an adult] without once felt the bitter sting of failure.

In fact, it is with some trepidation that I send my kids into a system where they could potentially have Mr. Nilles as a teacher.  Because rather than learning about responsibility and fortitude, I am sure they would learn more about “fairness” and “entitlements”.  Who needs that?

Anyway.  That’s why I got out of teaching.  The whole general wishy washiness that handles things like budget cuts with “it isn’t fair”.

And speaking of budget cuts,  I like the two suggestions:

The school district spending cuts may shrink if Perdue is willing to give up spending on experience-based pay raises for teachers and her effort to pay back state employees and teachers the 0.5 percent salary reductions she required of them last year to close a budget shortfall.

But I have a third.

Fire Mr. Nellie.  Not only would we save money, but we’d end up better educating those 438 kids per class.

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