The Downside to Being Right All the Time

One of the downsides to being right all the time is that the burden to continue to be right is hard to bear.  With a batting average at 1.000, it can be difficult to handle the pressure each day.  And to make it especially hard is having to support positions that strike pretty close to my heart.

My beloved Minnesota Vikings are trying to get a new stadium.  The Metrodome is old and isn’t producing the revenue a modern NFL team needs to compete.  Further, the new Twins stadium has shown that we know how to build fantastic venues for our sports teams.  The Vikings could have a an outdoor-ish stadium and bring back that most wonderful of all autumn past time.  Football outside!

But, alas, my dear dear Vikings are coming to the tax payers of Minnesota and asking for a hand out.  In essence, corporate welfare.  It pains me that I have too, that I must, stand against the idea of a public funded stadium.  Sigh.

However, there is GOOD news.  It would appear that at least one other politician agrees with me:

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman urged local legislators to oppose the legislation

YES!  Stand strong Mr. Mayor.  Take a stand against the abuse of the taxpayer to support handouts in any form.  Stay true to smaller government and protection of the taxpayer’s money.  Stand up for the principals that got you elected.  Represent Brother!

Huh?  The Mayor isn’t finished?  Excellent!  Back to the tape to see what else this bastion of Liberty has to say:

…unless his city’s needs are incorporated. He wants a new ballpark for the St. Paul Saints and a new ice sheet next to Xcel Energy Center.

Damn it!

I continue to stand alone.

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