Doc, It Hurts When I Do This

You know the old saw…A patient goes to see a doctor and complains that “it hurts when I do this”.  To which the doctor replies somewhat simply, “Then stop doing that”!

California is the patient.  And we are the doctor.

See, California is like Greece except not as cool.  They spend and spend and spend on entitlement projects.  They have a massive public union sector.  They have built a population that feels it’s their God-given right to “get”.  And they can’t or won’t eliminate those programs.

They’re going into massive debts cycles.  They are having to raise taxes to the point that

1.  People are leaving

2.  They voted to stop raising taxes.

In short, they’re in about as bad’a shape as a State can get.  And here is the proof:

The 20  Most Economically Stressed Counties

Imperial County California
Merced County California
Lyon County Nevada
San Benito County California
Sutter County California
Yuba County California
Stanislaus County California
Iosco County Michigan
San Joaquin County California
Nye County Nevada
Lapeer County Michigan
Cheboygan County Michigan
Luna County New Mexico
Lake County California
Kern County California
Tulare County California
Madera County California
Fresno County California
Clark County Nevada
Boone County Illinois

Notice anything about that list?

12 of the top 20 most stressed counties are in California.

They should listen to the good doctor!

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