We Must ALL Sacrifice! Except Me

Very few people exemplify the Left better than the Kennedy’s.  Never has a family been so involved with what is good for other people while excluding themselves from having to sacrifice.

Just one more example is the idea of green technology and alternative sources of energy.  See, it’s a good idea as long as it doesn’t affect Camelot:

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar gave the green light for the 130-turbine, 420-megawatt Cape Wind project in Horseshoe Shoal, Nantucket Sound, in what supporters considered a huge step forward for renewable energy in the United States.

“This project fits with the tradition of sustainable development in the area,” Salazar said in Boston.

Although small in terms of its production — the $1 billion facility would produce enough electricity to power about 400,000 houses — its approval raises hopes that other offshore wind projects will follow.

Look, let’s ignore for a second, the viability of wind and whether or not it has the ability to pay for itself.  Rather, just focus on who supports it and who doesn’t:

The first U.S. offshore wind farm, a giant project 5 miles/8 km off the Massachusetts coast, was approved on Wednesday after years of opposition involving everyone from local Indian tribes to the Kennedy family.

Cape Wind was subject to years of environmental review and political maneuvering, including adamant opposition from the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, whose six-acre (2.4 hectare) family compound in Hyannis Port overlooks Nantucket Sound.

Awesome.  Just another day in the life of a Leftist.

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