Expect The Same "Success" As Cash For Clunkers

We have needed a new washing machine for about 8 months now.  It’s old, grumpy and just doesn’t do the job I want it to do.  Normally, I would have bought one about 6 months ago.  But when there is “Obama money” to be had, I’ll wait the extra 6 months.

North Carolina will see the beginning of “Cash for Appliance Clunkers” tomorrow.  The Feds are making available money to offset the purchase of new energy efficient appliances:

Anyone who buys an Energy Star-qualified washer, dishwasher, freezer or refrigerator between Thursday and Sunday can get an instant 15 percent rebate. The purchase has to be a replacement for an existing appliance, and buyers are allowed only one of any type of appliance.

What does this mean?  Why, the same thing it meant for auto sales.  Demand preceding the program will go down as consumers wait for the rebate.  And demand after the program will be diminished as folks bought early.

Nothing like stealing money from people, putting it in a truck and just throwing it down the freeway.

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