Walmart: Is "Greed" Good?

People talk about greed.  That greed is bad bad bad.  Money corrupts and money s the root of all evil.

People forget that ALL people continually look out for their own best self-interests.  So, if we want corporations to deliver us the best quality at the best prices with the best convenience, we need to incent them to do so.  We can either do this by demanding they do it, like Venezuela.  But then businesses just go out of business.  Or they ration.

We can do this by having the government do this..  But then you get the Post Office.  Or Los Angeles.  Or Wake County Schools.  And then you get less of something crappy; which, in a wierd way, is good?

Or, you can use the natural tendencies in people to look after their self interests.  People invest in companies.  They do this to make money for themselves.  They find it better than stuffing that money in a mason jar.  Because they wanna make money, the corporation does ALL it can to entice customers to buy from them.  And how does it do this?  Well, for sure, by raising prices you will raise profits; but you’ll customers.  And that’s no bueno.  So, companies try to lower costs to bring folks in.  Or, they try to increase quality.  Others try to make it easier to do business.  Walmart does all three:

Can you believe that?  While waiting to put tires on your car, you can have your child’s eyes tested and order frames.  For the stoopid price of $81 American!

Serious.  Greed, when exposed to a fair and open market absent of fraud, is the single best method for driving DOWN price, driving UP quality while providing the MOST choices.


3 responses to “Walmart: Is "Greed" Good?

  1. If you’re just discussing corporate greed, I understand and possibly agree with the statements above. Using Walmart as an example of “good” corporate greed is far beyond ridiculous. They pay workers horrible salaries, their health coverage sucks and is too expensive, they forcily encourage employees to rely on welfare & other forms of public assistance, they force local businesses to close, and operate out of town thresholds, so none of the money goes back to the community, they have violated environmental laws in every state of the union, almost everything Walmart sells is manufactured in China, their Chinese factory employees are treated like garbage, they are EXTREMELY anti-union to the point of closing stores that decide to undergo union certification, they’ve been handed hundreds of child labor violations, they hire illegal immigrants, need to know more? They are a corrupt and evil global conglomerate and the executive management of Walmart is surely going straight to hell. Not the type of “greed” that I care to be a part of.

  2. they pay workers horrible salaries, their health coverage sucks and is too expensive

    Check out this thought:

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