Who Is This Tea Party

Strange thing happened on the way to the party today.  I realized that Republicans don’t represent a majority of those who affiliate or support the Tea Party movement.  The majority of their supporters are Independents and Democrats.

Gallop has a poll that shows just that:

Look Who's Partying

Republicans only make up 49% of the supporters; it’s the 51% of Democrats and Independents that make up the remaining 51%.  Imagine, just over half of the support for the Tea Party is coming from non-Republican folks.

Do ya think that this got the attention of the Democrat leadership?  You betcha!

As long as this movement can continue to grow, and keep it’s support as broad as it currently is, this will be a force that the Leftists are going to have to reckon with.

The Tea Party is going to have to continue to:

  1. Be inclusive
  2. Continue to hammer fiscal responsibility
  3. Stay away from the religious right
  4. Reject government abuse from BOTH mainstream political Parties
  5. Carry Liberty as their banner

Five easy simple steps.  The over arching theme HAS to be Liberty, fiscal responsibility and a conscious effort to remains as mainstream as possible.

Good luck guys; go get ’em.

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