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Arizona: Full Court Press

The bill just passed into law was enough to fire up the Left, wait until they see the NEW legislation coming down the road.

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The State of the State of Arizona

Arizona has really shook up the dialogue in America right now.  They are ground zero not only in the crossing of immigrants from South America into North America, but they are now ground zero for the solution.  I’m not sure if Arizona was honestly trying to protect herself or if Arizona passed this law in an effort to set fire under America.  Either way, the effect is the same.  America has noticed.

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More On "Thing A"

Just in case you think that bimbo wives of NFL playboys are the only Lefties scooping up gabillion dollar energy sinks there is this news:

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We Must ALL Sacrifice! Except Me

Very few people exemplify the Left better than the Kennedy’s.  Never has a family been so involved with what is good for other people while excluding themselves from having to sacrifice.

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Nice Shootin' Tex!

For some reason, I found this story to be awesome.

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Why Does My Country Hate My Religion?

As part of a tolerant nation with laws that protect free speech and prohibit the government from becoming a religion, we don’t have to look very hard to see examples of my religion being mocked.

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If You Really Thought "Thing A" Was Bad Would You Contribute to "Thing A"?

I see this all the time.  People scream that we need to conserve our resources.  That we need to “Go Green”.  That we need to pass massive legislation that forces us to use less energy.

Then they go and not conserve our resources, they don’t go green and use a TON of energy.

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Earth Day: I Forgot

So, last Thursday it was Earth Day.  In fact, it was the 40th anniversary of the 1st Earth Day.

Wanna see some predictions from the leading thinkers of the day?

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Let There Be No Doubt

I’m not sure I could tell you much about ACORN before the election cycle of 2008.  Since then, however, I have come to learn they this organization, however well-intentioned they say they are, has a mission.

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Taxpayer: Then vs. Now

I Lose

Hat Tip: Dirty Santa