The Shortest Word in the English Language

You know that old joke?  Remember?  Well, the answer is ‘ere as the joint is passed around the circle.

When I talk about Liberty I am talking about the ability for an individual to participate, or not, in choices that wouldn’t restrict the Liberty of another person.  The freedom to make choices, to act in a manner that will improve one’s life.  In essence, Liberty is the ability to be free without constraint.

Liberty is glorious in her promises.  But there can be a cost, a price.  When free people are free to make decisions, they are equally free to make wrong ones.  And that HAS to be okay.  Liberty is no less restricted when choices are taken away by “them” then when they are taken away by “us”.

And so it is, that when it comes to matters of drug use, we should immediately de-criminalize the USE of drugs and legalize marijuana.

This fight is being held, ironically, in California; one of the most restrictive states in the nation.  They have enough signatures to force a vote on the legalization of pot.  And here’s hopin’ that the good citizens of California wise up and vote for Liberty.

Though I’m guessin’ they won’t.

California voters spoke Tuesday: Same-sex couples will no longer be permitted to legally marry in the Golden State.

With 95 percent of the vote counted Wednesday morning, a ballot initiative to ban gay marriage headed for a narrow victory. It’s a public repudiation of a landmark state court ruling in May that found same-sex couples have a right to marry.

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