Bart Stupak: Not Pro-Life

Mr. Stupak fought a long and valiant battle.  Or so he would like you to believe.  For the duration of the debate over this bill he has maintained that he could not support any language that did not restrict federal dollars for abortion.  In the end, he supported language that did not restrict federal dollars on abortion.

Which is okay I guess.  Everyone has their take on the abortion debate and many many people feel the same way.  That not only should abortion be legal but it’s okay that we use Federal Tax dollars to pay for them.  i don’t feel that way, obviously, but Bart does.

What is now clear that Mr. Stupak is nothing but the garden variety politician.  He played a good game.  He waded in politics claiming he was pro-life and tricked many many people for a long time. In the end though, Mr. Stupak isn’t Pro-Life; he Pro-Stupak.

Too bad.

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