Where the Right is Wrong: Gay Marriage

Liberty.  What is it?  What does it mean?  To me, it means being able to make choices and decisions regarding my self and my property.  It means that both my decisions and my labor is my own.  It means I am free.

It’s funny how Republicans can be so wrong on Liberty.  On one hand they preach economic Liberty; fiscal conservatism.  And then they spend and spend and spend.  Even on things that people think they should spend on they overspend.

And then, while talking about Liberty they completely deny it in too many other areas; gay marriage and immigration reform.

Consider this:

Former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-Ariz.) said Sunday that the expansion of state laws allowing gay marriage could lead to people marrying horses.

“I mean, I don’t mean to be absurd about it, but I guess I can make the point of absurdity with an absurd point,” he continued. “I guess that would mean if you really had affection for your horse, I guess you could marry your horse.”

I mean serious.  How absolutely ridiculous can this get?  It’s this kinda nonsense that is killing any hope of a party actually caring about Liberty.

In terms of the state, a marriage is nothing more than a contract spelling out legal status for numerous reason; health, liability, death and taxes.  That’s IT!  The state should only care that the parties are of legal age and are both consenting.  End of story.  Period.

The state shouldn’t and doesn’t care about any other arbitrary fact; eye color, hair color, skin color and the like.  They don’t ask if you are a Viking or a Cheesehead [i’m actually FOR preventing Packer fans from marrying–that is a true menace].  Why the state should care about the sexual orientation of either party is silly.  In fact, the state DOESN’T care.  It is perfectly fine for the state to allow the marriage of a gay man and a lesbian woman.  Why the state won’t marry two gay men is completely arbitrary.

Liberty is in hiding here in America.  She has been covered up and has fled.  We are in danger of losing her for a very very long time.

And when the party that claims this maiden refuses her, who can we turn too?

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