When the Government Rations

Do you wanna know what happens when the government, through fiat, controls a market?  It rations the service or product.  And what the government sees as a cost, the private sector sees as an investment.  And what do you get?

When the government rations a thing, this is what you get:

The post office is renewing its effort to drop Saturday delivery — and plans a rate increase

And why would they do that?

an effort to fend off a projected $7 billion loss this year.


Wanna know what the private sector is doing with it’s weekend schedule?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, FedEx Express announces a unique arrangement with ProFlowers to provide overnight delivery on Sunday, February 14. As part of an ongoing commitment to their customers, FedEx and ProFlowers are working together to deliver flowers and gifts on Valentine’s Day”Sunday, February 14

Yup.  Fedex delivered on SUNDAY.

Again, this is what you get from the market:

And this is what you get from the State:

The private market sees an opportunity and expands it’s offerrings.  The government restricts theirs.  And that ladies and gentlegerms, is the exact same thing that will happen to health care.

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