The Party of No

So, I was watching and then listening to some of the Health Care Summit the other day.  Through out the whole thing I couldn’t help but wonder how the Democrats are winning the commercial message concerning who is truly the party of No.  Every conversation that I heard was based on the fact that we all agree health care reform is needed, and how.  The only request is that the Dems abandon their bill and start over.  Clean sheet, clean slate.

Their answer?  “No”

The Republicans requested that this administration not subject this bill to reconciliation.

Their answer?  “No”

And when Obama summed up the day, he said “No”.

No one questions that we need to improve the system.  And credit to the Liberals for being that change agent, indeed.  Now that the horn has sounded, we need to seriously consider how to make medical care affordable to all.

A fellow NC blogger has continued on the oft repeated meme that the Republicans are the part of no. I challenge, now, to defend the practices employed by the Democrats now, acting as the party of no.

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