Red or Blue

I am pretty much disgusted with all politics.  And all people in ’em.  Perhaps most especially vile are the Parties.  It seems that in order to satisfy the party, each candidate has to run for the edges, the FAR edges.  They have to do this to get the support, connections and money from the apparatus.  In short, people are rather forced to do and say things they might not otherwise.

Further, the idea of Party inspires the concept of team.  Now, certainly, there is nothing wrong with finding people of like mind and banding together, but it seems that we have lost this.   Rather, we have moved to the point where our emotional connection to the Party is so strong that an otherwise good idea is lost.  All lost to the partisan battle being waged everyday.

Now, I know I’m not a Democrat.  I do lean more Republican.  But let’s see why.  Here is the North Carolina Party Platform

I’ll break it out Article by Article and comment.

Article I: Family
1. Our nation’s strength lies with the family where each new generation gains its moral anchor. It is the first school of good citizenship, the engine of economic progress, and a haven of security and understanding.

Fair enough.  I agree that the family unit is critical to the strength of the nation.

2. The ideal environment for raising children is a two-parent family where a husband and wife live in harmony in one home. We praise the courageous efforts of single parents who work hard to provide stable homes. We recognize that single parents often succeed and that two-parent families sometimes fail.

Hmm, an introduction to what I am sure, will be the anti-homosexual content coming.  That being said, yes, a two parent family is critical in the raising of healthy and balanced children.

3. Government cannot legislate love or compassion. It should not preempt parental responsibility for children; however, government should protect children from abuse and neglect. Laws should balance parental rights with the protection of a child’s life, safety and wellbeing. We support tax credits for the adoption of children into permanent homes. We support private initiatives that promote healthy, nurturing families and provide services to dysfunctional families.

The first sentence should almost be it’s own Article.  The fact that we cannot legislate love is not far from the overarching statement that say the government cannot legislate morality at all.  Neither charity, love, compassion or forgiveness.  But, it’s not and that’s okay.  Starting to see call outs to special interest groups, but by and large, this is fine.

4. Homosexual behavior is not the norm. Public schools should not be used to teach children about homosexual behavior. Taxpayers should not fund benefit plans for unmarried partners. We support federal and state constitutional amendments to ensure that marriage is limited to the union of one man and one woman. We oppose adoption or foster parenting by same sex couples.

Ahh, there it is.  Here is where the Republicans begin to act and talk like Liberals.  I believe in the Liberty of the individual.  And as long as you are not infringing upon my Liberty, you are free to do what you please.  Do I have to like it?  Nope.  But me liking it is not requisite.  Again, this goes back to the “government cannot legislate…” thing that we just talked about.  Is homosexuality moral?  I dunno.  Maybe, maybe not.  Either way, the government can not and should not have a say.

Next up:  The Economy

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