From a Tiny Acorn

Springs the largest of trees.  Only this time, the tree is rotten to the core.

…a local private investigator concerned about what was happening in his neighborhood, told how he “came by” the ACORN office and “observed some individuals in the office and also observed the individual dumping documents into the dumpster around the corner,”

And what was in those documents?

…their information, tax returns, immigration documents…

Nice.  So ACORN just dumps 20k pages of highly confidential information into the trash.  This isn’t a mistake; someone’s paperwork didn’t get mixed up with the shopping list for the company picnic.  This was a deliberate disposal of these documents.  Makes you wonder; what else was in those documents that were thrown away?

…has found connections to the California Teachers Association and to Citibank.

Just awesome.  We have an organization that helps pimps open brothels and import illegal immigrants to work there involved with not only the shady underground, but with CTA and Citi!

Gotta love me some ACORN

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