Babe Ruth Called His Shot

It’s been 10 months now.  Obama has been in the White House ofr near a year.  And he still is using that same magic that got him elected.  In essence, he stands in front of a microphone and say anything to sound nothing like George Bush.  With a wave of his hand, a well positioned pause and a forceful raise of his voice he can proclaim that he is here to rescue us all.  However, when even a small amount of curiosity causes the casual bystander to stop, scratch his head and ask “How?” it all falls apart:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama assured Americans on Monday that boosting jobs was a top priority, but gave no specifics about how to meet this goal that some economists say warrants more government spending.

And that, ladies and gentlegerms, is the whole summation of his career.

“I will do this thing for you.  But I don’t know how!”

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