I love it.  I really love that “ah-haa” moment when the light bulb clicks and someone sees what’s really happening.  When the fog dissipates and the realization of the truth occurs.  I simply LOVE that moment.

Taxes and the economy are concepts that don’t register with younger folks; never did with me.  I didn’t make enough to really PAY taxes and I had jobs that really didn’t put me in full view of the economy.  In short, I just didn’t care.

So it is refreshing to see the “care” start to sink in for some of these folks:

“Well, for one, I know nobody wants to pay taxes for anybody else to go to the doctor — I don’t,” said Kate Kuhn, 20, of Acworth, Ga. “I don’t want to pay for somebody to use my money that I could be using for myself.”

How awesome is that?  Especially enlightening is the part where young Kate mentions that she might be better served “using the for herself.”

And maybe it’s not so much that I didn’t care when I was younger, it’s that no one took time, including me, to tell me what the trade offs were.

For example, according to Pew in October, nearly 82% say they favored a ban on policies took into account pre-existing conditions.  When a separate poll explained that such a ban would result in higher premiums support for that ban went down to 43%.

Another example, mandatory coverage:  67% of those asked were in favor of all people having health insurance.  But when asked with the added detail that those who failed to obtain such coverage would face Federal penalties, support plunged to 28%.

“I think it’s crazy. I think it infringes on our rights as a citizen, forcing us to do these things,” said Eli Fuchs, 26, of Marietta, Ga.

Music.  Sweet Music!

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