I’ll never say that this is the worst economy since the Great Depression.  Never.  But its deep and it is going to be painful for awhile.

Further, I admit that I know very little of what made it that way.  So, I went out and bought some books, did some reading on line and just “followed this stuff” for awhile.  And, after awhile, you begin to get a gist for whats going on.  It begins to make some kinda sense.  You realize that things aren’t the way they are just ’cause.  They are the way they are for very specific reasons.  And when you realize that, you can begin to learn.

And that what depresses me tonight.

This interview has 3,050 views.  This one has 57,577,972 views.  No wonder we elected Obama.

If you want to begin to understand how things work without having to drop the time or cash on a college course, buy this book.

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