Cause Ya Have to be Legal to Work in the White House

I’m actually surprised they stopped at reduced penalties and no jail:

WASHINGTON – Some 7,500 international tax dodgers have applied for an amnesty program that promises no jail time and reduced penalties for tax cheats who come forward, the Internal Revenue Service announced Wednesday.

The program is part of a larger effort by the Obama administration to crack down on Americans who evade U.S. taxes by hiding assets in overseas accounts.

I mean, most of his staff fit this bill.

One response to “Cause Ya Have to be Legal to Work in the White House

  1. The virtual kick in the butt will be when trusting citizens come clean to the IRS, now in the hands an administration of double dealing thugs and con artists and liars.

    That will be something to see. Of course, we’ll have to depend on Fox to tell us about it.

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