Unions and More Unions

More and more I am seeing evidence that the Labor movement is continuing to gather strength here in North Carolina.  We are seeing more stories in the newspaper, we are hearing more about it in the news broadcasts and we are beginning to see more action in the political front here in Raleigh.  See this article.

Unionists poured at least $4.7 million into Tar Heel political campaigns, and they put at least 1,000 boots on the ground, knocking on doors, putting up signs and handing out literature.

It’s clear, the efforts by the union have been ramped up.  And this might represent the last best chance for the unions here; their window of opportunity is now.  Right now.  They have a ground swell of Democratic support, both here in State and nationally as Obama helped the Democrats sweep into power.  And now, right now, is when we have to do our best work.  We have to be willing to do the hard work to make sure our voices are heard; both from the Democrats here in the tar Heel state as well as the Republicans.  See, Carolina is unique in that both sides of the aisle support business here.  It’s to both of our benefits to see that business are not held down by the horrible horrible weight of a union and the absolute drag on the economy they represent.

And don’t think that this fight is something that is limited to our humble state.  This fight is being fought in the National arena as well:

There is a bill in Congress that would allow all the nation’s sworn officers — police, firefighters and correctional officers — to bargain collectively. Its primary targets are North Carolina and Virginia.

In short, don’t sit back and think that others are going to work to stop this.  In fact, that is the opposite of reality; others are working to advance the cause of Labor.  And with it, the loss of jobs, the reduction in wages, the lack of investment In Carolina.  Basically, everything that we don’t wanna see come to North Carolina.

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