Obama – Succeed or Fail?

I have been asked this question so many times my ears are bleeding.

Are you hoping that Obama fails—or succeeds?

Blink.  Blink.

Serious.  Early on, all I could do was muster a blank look at the person in front of me and just shake my head.  I had no answer.  The question just stunk of…well, of stink.  Without knowing why, I would just kinda shrug, grimace and say “What?”

No, however, I know from where I came.  I mean, it took some days and some thinking, but really, stop for just a second, and look at the question.  Repeat it.  Run it through your mind and then, just say it, really, say it, out loud.

Are you hoping that Obama succeeds?

Maybe I’m slow, maybe you’re quicker.  Whatever, in time, it came to me.  The whole premise of the question is flawed.  Do I hope that Obama succeeds?  Do I hope that Obama fails?  What the hell?

Now, of course, I know the problem with the question; and my answer.  This thing about succeeding or failing has nothing to do with The Chairman.  The fact that a Dem or a Repub is in the White House really isn’t the issue.  The fact is this, I want ME, ME ME ME ME to succeed.  I want to be able to strike out and make a life for me and my family.  In the process, I would like it if you could also have a shot at the same life.  Cause in the end, we are al inter-connected.  And so yeah, if I am to succeed, then you kinda have’ta too.

In short, I hope that America succeeds.  And to that end, in that I am convinced that The Chairman’s ways of looking at life, at government, at right and wrong, fair and unfair, is flawed.  And so yeah, I hope that America continues to move forward, to lead the way and shine forth as an example of all that’s good in the world.

I just don’t think that Obama’s method is going to do that for us.

And so it is that I have to answer:

I am for America succeeding, and so it is that Obama’s plan must be fought at every opportunity.  For the good of America.

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