I Can’t Put My Finger On It

I am a big big believer in people helping people.  In a community coming together to help their neighbors in need.  In is through thiese efforts that our society is to help each other; not through taxation and government programs.

And so it is that I really admire and respect the work that Habitat for Humanity does.  They gather volunteers from the community, obtain donated money and build homes for people that are unable to afford them in the conventional manner.  These homes are provided in the form of interest free loans.  Further, because the materials and time are often donated, the actual cost of the home is reduced even further; sometimes half.

However, I can’t shake the feeling that organizations like these are just beside themselves at the prospect of an Obama Presidency.  And so it is that I have to chuckle at this:

Paragraphs rendered

To qualify for a Habitat home, a family of two must earn between $28,000 and $30,000 annually. For a family of three, earnings must be between $31,000 and $33,000. A family of five would have to earn between $35,000 and $37,000.

“These people clearly demonstrate a need for having a house built for them,” Hoke County Habitat board member Daphne Graham-Dudley said. “They do not meet the income levels.”

Habitat offers interest-free loans to the homeowners, who in turn make payments back to Habitat. The group relies on homeowners making payments so they can have funds to build other homes.

“Those people have to pay those loans back, because it won’t work if they don’t,” Hoke County Habitat President Bill Evans said.

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