Congrats Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan had her first speech on the Senate floor this week.  I am sure that it was a proud moment for her and for her family.  Well done and good luck.

In part:

“When someone is discriminated against in the workplace or anywhere else, surely they feel the impact of that discrimination far longer than 180 days,” she said.

They may, in fact, feel the impact for the rest of their life.  But at some point, ya gotta bring your case or—or not.

One response to “Congrats Kay Hagan

  1. Hagan is a liar just like the rest of congress. she voted for illegal health care no border fence, everify and anything else that would do little to protect working americans. she also wants to water down any bill that simmigration.
    treason…treason…treason lies…lies….lies… don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. we must get her out of office next term.

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