The New Truth

She hasn’t even taken office yet and already Bev is backing away from her campaign platforms.  As reported by the N&O:

“I don’t believe that my first priority and first accomplishment willl be free community college because of the budget (difficulties),” Perdue said in an interview with Dome Wednesday morning. “It’s much harder than it was this time last year.”

I’m not sure whais more surprising, the fact that she backed away from this so soon, or the fact that she has acknowledged that free college is really not free.

The this, just a continuation of what we already know to be true:

“I look forward to continuing to push for a minimum wage increase,” Perdue said, “but my priority this year is to keep people working, and I’ve got folks who talk to me and are willing to take a less-than-minimum wage job right now just to have a paycheck.”

In other words she is tacitly admitting that by raising the minimum wage we would be, in essance, reducing the number of people earning that wage.

I am afreaid that this is just a taste of what we are going to see from the Democrats this term.

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